Friday, March 24, 2017

Calf 1

Buddy was on schedule.  I let him be with the cows in order that the first calf would be born around the 24th of March.   And late this afternoon the first calf was born.

I didn't see the birth.  By how the cow acted and looked earlier this afternoon I expected the birth to be late this afternoon to evening.  So I found the calf probably a half to an hour after its birth.

It is a boy.  His mother was making small moo noises of concern to the calf when I got close to check the sex of the calf.  He was standing up looking for his mother's milk so I was able to see his balls hanging down.

Much of the snow was gone so there was a dry area for the birth.   It was drizzling when I took the photo and rain is predicted over the next week.  But the cow and her calf were close to large evergreen trees and can easily keep dry under them.

While it looks like the calf is missing the mother's udder, he actually is sucking on a teat on the far side of the udder.

Friday, March 03, 2017

Snow roof rake

My friend Mark wondered what a snow roof rake looked like.  In case others are interested...

Not shown... the handle has two more sections each of the same length to make it easy to stand on the ground to pull the snow off the roof.  Works great.

The blade has two black plastic rollers so the blade doesn't scratch/get hung up on the roof.

Btw: Daisy left me another mouse on the front step this morning.  This afternoon I shoveled much more snow away from the large hay bales.  I imagine I will be getting more mice left on my doorstep over the next few days.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Sleep, squirrel, snow and hay

Friday night Donna and I attended a bull riding event.  

I think less than half of the 34 contestants stayed on their bull 8 seconds.   More time was taken in getting ready for the next bull rider.   A few times I yawned.  Donna thought I was bored.  Actually I was a little tired.  When I got home at 10 pm I watched the local news and weather.  I don't think I made it through the next commercials before I fell asleep sitting on the loveseat.  I woke up over two hours later at 12:30 am.  Daisy who went outside when I was watching the news was eager to get back in the house.  After checking on the cattle's water trough, I went to bed.

You'd think I would get up earlier than usual the next day.  Nope.  Daisy woke me up to go outside at 6:50 am.  Even though I had slept for 8 1/2 hours I quickly fell back asleep.  I checked and called for her a half hour later and she was nowhere to be found.

At 7:50 am I was awoken to a loud bang against the living room window.  I got up and looked.  A squirrel was on the ground digging in the snow for any missed sunflower seeds.  Apparently the squirrel had jumped for the suet cage and missed.  Even with 9 1/2 hours of sleep, I quickly fell back asleep.

Fifteen minutes later I was awoken to a softer bang against the widow.  This time I found the squirrel wrapped around the suet cage and trying to eat suet as the cage swung here and there.  I knocked on the window glass and scared the squirrel off.

I waited and the squirrel made its way back up the shrub.  When I saw which branch it planned to jump from to the cage I decided to get up for the day.  I trimmed the shrub lower.   I'll learn tomorrow if this finally works.

Today I put out two more large hay bales for the cattle.  Since I had left the tractor's bucket in the back yard and not the corral I was able to easily put it back on the tractor.  I scraped up the remainder of the last snowfall from the yard and driveway, then drove out to scrape clear another area for the two hay feeders.  The previous area was mucky with water from melted snow and manure.

I moved snow from a large pile in the yard out to the NE pasture.

Ooops.  So that is where my fence is located.  Another repair job this Spring.

Wednesday, February 08, 2017

Bird feeder and a squirrel

This past Summer a squirrel was run over on the road nearby.  I hoped that was the squirrel who tried to eat my bird's food last year.  Today a squirrel showed up at the feeders.  Darn!

This afternoon I woke up from an unplanned nap to find a squirrel sitting and eating in the 'umbrella' feeder seen below.  None of the birds had eaten the black sunflower seeds since I put them out weeks ago so I am not too upset that the squirrel ate all the seeds.

But then - after another unplanned nap -I found the squirrel trying to eat from the suet feeder.  Last year I had trimmed the shrub shorter and also raised the suet cage slightly when I found that squirrel could leap from the shrub to jump on the suet cage.   This year I found the squirrel standing on a shrub twig of a branch and holding onto the suet cage and trying to eat the suet.

After I chased the squirrel off into and up the pine tree in the background I worked on the suet cage.  I attempted to raise the suet cage higher.  Standing precariously on ladder in the snow and up against the house wall I tried to raise the wire holding the cage.  Too much pressure and the thin wire broke.

I didn't fall.  I got a different thicker wire and hooked it up to the roof on the house roof overhang.

Then I trimmed the shrub down even shorter.  I'll see tomorrow if this is enough to keep the @#$% squirrel from the feeder.