Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Yet another attempted cattle break-in

The cattle didn't find the bale of hay I put out yesterday.  Instead they (Toby) made a break-in for the weed hay.  I found the cattle by the weed hay in the afternoon.  Most cattle were taking a siesta with only a few cows nosing around the weed hay.

I straightened the panels and re-pounded the metal posts into the ground.  Several cows weren't happy.   Here they are telling me: "Silly rancher... weed hay is for us.  Just wait until you leave, we'll have Toby lift up the panels again."

I herded some of the cattle away towards the pasture with the bale of hay.  Once I switched to leading the cattle the rest of the cattle who were watching me came running.  They then ran to the middle/north pasture gate.  I went to the bale of hay and called them.  They were initially confused but once they saw the hay bale they came running.   Maybe now the cattle will stop messing with the weed hay corral and I can finally start on my next big project.

Monday, October 15, 2018

Calves in hayshed again, and more

A cold morning and a slow warmup.  I am an election judge and had a meeting and equipment testing verification starting at noon.  I rode my bicycle the nine miles to the meeting.  The temperature still in the 30s and I wore bicycle shorts.  A chilly ride!   It was comfortable riding later in the afternoon after the meeting was over.

The cows and Toby didn't get into or damage any corral panels around the weed hay.  They saw me go check the weed hay and came all excited.  I gave them some weed hay to eat.   They were too interested in it, and the pasture grass is short, so as they ate I got the tractor and moved into the middle pasture a large regular hay bale for them to eat, and put a metal feeder around the bale.  As of dark the cattle hadn't noticed the new bale as they were still grazing in the south pasture.  I'm sure they will find it tomorrow.

Since I had the tractor in the pasture I moved some dirt and added more dirt to the gate crossing over the irrigation pipe mainline.  A little more dirt wouldn't hurt and maybe I wouldn't have as much of a hump to go over as I cross the pipe.

When I got the hay bale I discovered the calves got into the hayshed again.  I had put wire over one of the gates so the calves couldn't move the slider board.   The calves then figured out how to move the slider board the opposite way.  *sigh*   I added a small board as a stop so maybe this will stop the calves in the future.   Who says cattle are dumb?!   Three of the four calves I kept as replacement heifers came from smart cows.  I have noticed that usually smart cows have smart calves, and these calves are smart.

Seriously.... again?!

Slider board now moved left by the calves.

Then the calves started to break the other gate to move it open.

So, all of this took up my day and I didn't get to the start of my new major project.

Sunday, October 14, 2018

Tree stump 11 bonfire

Another day, another attempt by the cattle to break in to get to the weed hay.  I had to straighten a few panels and re-pound in a few posts.  I got another roll of field fence and now all of the corral around the weed hay is fenced.

Last Wednesday evening I burnt rotting tree stump 11 for the year.

Debris around the stump prior to lighting the fire.

The next morning.

Saturday morning

Here is a 21 second video of the fire: https://youtu.be/xiyn5E2e9vs

Saturday, October 13, 2018

New bicycling milage record

On Tuesday I exceeded my record for most miles ridden in one year on my bicycle.  The old record was 7100 miles back in 1996.  Today I am at 7190 miles, and I have two and a half months more of riding.  I have been keeping track of my miles ridden since 1977.