Friday, October 31, 2014

Winding down to Winter

Fall moving to Winter.

Today the horses left for the year. While there is still grass for them to eat, it's that time. Loading was quick and easy as the horses just walked right into the stock trailer.

I am trying to finish up a few projects before the snow flies and stays on the ground for good.  We are forecast for a chance of a few snow flurries reaching the ground on Sunday.  The wood feeder rebuild north of the barn is 99% done.  I have a few other projects I really want to get done this year.  The rest... would be nice but realistically at this point they will probably be delayed until next year unless November has really nice weather.

The mice must be hunkering down this Fall as Daisy has not brought any mice home for a while now.  She also spends more time in the house and with me.  When Tammy was here she liked the house temperature to be in the mid 70s degrees.  Now with just me the house temperature is in the 50s and 60s.  Daisy likes it cool and would seldom lay on a person's lap when Tammy was here.  Now with a cooler house Daisy will lay on my lap as she doesn't overheat now.

Buddy the bull comes and goes as he pleases.  In and out of the middle pasture every day.  This afternoon he was by the middle/south pasture gate so I walked out and opened it.  He walked over and stood in the gate opening.  For the longest time.  Fortunately the herd was elsewhere.  Finally he walked through the gate over to a salt block.  Just before dark I noticed he was back in the middle pasture.  And so was the little steer calf.  *sigh*

A few days ago I checked with three local tractor dealers for a used tractor.  Might be some prospects.  I'll follow up next week after the elections.  I am a chief election judge again.

Happy Halloween!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Another sunset

Monday night's sunset.

Oh... and Buddy the bull?  Just before sunset I saw him in the middle pasture again. 

Monday, October 27, 2014

Buddy does what he wants

Saturday I didn't get back from hiking until dark so I couldn't tell if Buddy was in the south or middle pasture.  Sunday morning I found out.  He was in the middle pasture again.  So was that little stinker steer.  I let them be.  The cows appear to be all 'satisfied' so Buddy is content to leave them and wander into the middle pasture.

In the afternoon Daisy and I went out to check the fence.  The fence wires were stretched in a new area.  The little steer stepped right through the fence back to the south pasture when I walked out there.  Buddy was laying down chewing his cud.  I let him be.  Daisy sat and watched from the safety of some trees when I was near the cattle.

I doubled checked that the little steer had no balls.  Nope, no balls.  He sure is an independent little guy.  Between his stocky build and his independence I began to wonder if his balls really had fallen off after I banded them this Spring.

I added wire to the fence where it was stretched.

In the evening just before dark I saw Buddy was near the gate and the herd wasn't.  I went out and opened the gate.  Buddy walked over and stood in the open gate.  He looked at the herd.  He looked at the gate.  He looked at me.  He is impressive.

There is no hurrying Buddy.  He does what he wants.  And since I don't want to get hurt, I respect that.  Especially since the gate is a barb wire gate and not much protection from a mad bull when open.

After forever he walked into the south pasture and turned around as I closed the gate.  Buddy wanted to lick and possibly nibble on my hand.  I let him lick my hand.  He wasn't keen on me scratching his head as he wanted to nibble on my hand.  I left him so he would to go back to his ladies.

Tomorrow?  Will Buddy finally stay out of the middle pasture?  I hope so.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Saturday sunrise

Saturday morning I got up a little earlier than normal because I was going hiking in the east side of Glacier Park.  While waiting for Patti to arrive I saw this sunrise.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

More herding

Friday morning, before I left for a hike, I saw the two cows by the middle/south pasture gate.  The little steer had slipped through the fence to be back with the herd.  Some of the herd was by the gate, the rest of the herd was off grazing.

I went out there and opened the gate.  One cow walked through while the other cow just stood there.  I had Beulah (of course) near the gate so I couldn't open it wider.  I waited.  Then the herd came running and I had to close the gate.

When I got home from hiking late afternoon I saw the cow in the middle of the middle pasture.  Daisy came with me to the middle pasture.  Then I saw the bull was in the middle pasture with the cow.  Not again!!!


I herded the cow towards the gate.  I didn't try to herd the bull.  I hoped he would follow.  The cow didn't want to be herded and just wanted to eat grass.  It took time to herd her.  Of course the herd in the south pasture noticed us and came running over to the fence and made a commotion with their bellowing.


I got the cow near the gate. I went to open the gate and the bull who had been following us came over to the gate.  I opened the gate a little bit and stood holding it upright so the cattle in the south pasture couldn't pass through the opening. The bull stood by the gate. I had one cow try to make a move through the gate.  I shooed her away in a restrained manner and kept an eye on the bull so he didn't become agitated.

I waited.  And waited.  He just stood there.  But the cow came to the gate, and after a little bit, walked through the gate.  Once she was in the south pasture her calf came over and latched onto her udder to drink.  Her udder was huge from not being drained for almost 24 hours.

I encouraged the cattle to move from the gate to give the bull room to walk through.  Gently encouraged of course.

I waited.  And waited.  And waited.  He stood there. He looked around. He looked at me. He checked out the barb wire of the gate.  He checked out a post in the gate.  He checked out a cow on the other side of the gate wire.  He checked out my boots.  He scratched his head on the wire.  He scratched his head on the post.

He was in no hurry.  He stood there knowing he could do what he wanted and not what others wanted of him.  He is big and made of muscle.

Finally he slowly walked into the south pasture.

I slipped around the gate and closed it with me now in the middle pasture.

Done.  Finally!

I checked the fence to see how the bull got through.  I found an area where the three-wire fence had been stretched.  No wires were broken.  Mostly like this was how he got through the fence.  I took extra wire and wired up this section and four other sections that were kind of loose or could be stretched.

Maybe, just maybe, I won't find Buddy the bull in the middle pasture on Saturday.

Walking back home I found the little steer was in the middle pasture. 


I let him be.  He comes and goes through this fence as he pleases.  Beulah and the herd were not happy he was in the middle pasture and bellowed their complaints.

I gathered up Daisy who had wisely waited by a fallen pine tree while I herded the cow and bull, and home we went.

I will be so happy when I have finally upgraded all of my fences to six or seven tight strands.