Sunday, March 29, 2015

Five big hay bales

Saturday I got the rest of my big hay bales from Tim.  He wanted me to get them sooner than later as he was getting lots of calls asking to buy hay from him.

I borrowed Dan's trailer to haul the bales.  I can fit three of the bales on the trailer.

The trailer hitch normally isn't this close to the ground.  The ground where the pickup and trailer is located in the photo is kind of a "V" at this location.

For the first load I easily pushed the first bale off the trailer onto a wooden pallet on the ground.  My neighbor was outside and he offered to come over and help me push the rest of the bales off the trailer.

The second load was two bales.  Tim had more bales and I offered to buy an extra one to make three bales but he had promised the rest of the bales to others who needed the hay.

I strap the bales down to make sure they don't roll off the trailer as I drive. With only two bales I had an extra amount strap to ratchet in.  For the load with the two bales my strap jammed when starting to tighten it.   I fiddled and fiddled with the strap's latch but couldn't get the strap loose or to tighten it further.  I had also brought a log and another large board and used them to wedge under the hay bales.  I decided to drive home this way.

A few miles down the road I remembered my route had a hill.  I also noticed the hay bales looked like they bounced slightly as I drove over bumps in he road - or was it my imagination?  I pulled off the road to again work on the strap.  Braking and pulling down off the road caused the first bale to roll forward.  It did stay on the trailer.  *whew!*

I still was unable to loosen the strap.  I was able to fasten it a different way on the trailer to take up the extra slack.  The strap wasn't really tight but did add extra protection.

I made it home safely without losing either bale.  *whew*

Tomorrow I will work on fixing the strap and latch.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Water witch

Donna's pickup wouldn't start on Friday so I towed it to her house for her to fix.

Donna can witch water.  Using two pieces of wire she showed me how.  It was near her well where a vein of water is located.  She had me try it and - surprise - the wires turned by themselves as I approached the water vein.  The wire in my left hand strongly crossed to the right on its own as I walked over the vein.  The wire in my right hand kind of wanted to cross to the left but ended up only wobbling weakly back and forth a few times.    I approached the water vein several times and each time the left wire strongly turned right on its own.


Thursday, March 26, 2015

Bicycle Cat

A 'bicycle elf' (Donna) was by early this morning before I got up and left me... Bicycle Cat!

Isn't she amazing?!  And she looks similar to Daisy.  Daisy wasn't too sure about Bicycle Cat initially, especially when the wind made the wheels spin.

Here is an 18 second video of Bicycle Cat in action:

Thanks Donna!

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Harrow start

I started dragging the harrow around the hayfield Monday.  Usually I don't get to doing so until April.  Advantages to doing the work now is:
  • No dust
  • Only a little of the green grass has come up.

It is hard to see the five harrow sections as I had drug the harrow for a while before remembering to take a photo.  Right off the bat the long pipe in front broke in two pieces and I had to add an extra chain for pulling.

I hope to get most everything harrowed this week.  I will wait to do the north pasture until after I keep the cattle in the corral. I'm waiting to do so until the last minute as the corral is still wet and the grass hasn't really started growing in the north pasture.  The later and less I feed hay in the corral means the less manure I have to shovel later.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Another year, another pocket gopher

Spring must be here.  I caught my first pocket gopher of the year.  I saw the fresh dirt mounds Friday when I worked on the two tree trunks, set the trap Saturday and on Sunday, less than 24 hours later, caught the pocket gopher.