Friday, June 24, 2016

Donna's Mustang

Donna loves Mustang cars.  Years ago she owned one.  She never lost her love of Mustang cars.  Recently an opportunity came up to buy a 1964 Mustang - and she did.   She got it today.

The car has a cool rumble sound when it runs. Here is a 12 second video of it:

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Rhubarb and dirt

It rained on Tuesday and is supposed to rain on Friday.  So I haven't cut my hay yet.  Lots of people misread the weather forecast for this week and have hay down and wet.

Thursday night I decided to dig the weeds and grass from around my rhubarb plants and my three remaining strawberry plants.   In past years I have lost most of my strawberry plants to weeds and grass, and all my raspberry plants.  So if I didn't remove the weeds and grass now from my rhubarb plants and remaining strawberry plants I may lose them too.

It took longer than I thought it would, but I got it done.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Hot air balloon

Wednesday was a beautiful day at the ranch.  In the evening a hot air balloon floated overhead.

Monday, June 20, 2016

Longest day irritations

Happy Summer Solstice!

I am waiting for a four day stretch of dry weather before cutting the grass for hay.  So far three days is the longest between rain.  Lots of people this year have gotten caught with their hay lying in the field when it rained.  Maybe this weekend may be the start of a four day dry period.  I'll see...   The weather forecast lately seems to change once we get closer to those days.  Otherwise this is frustrating as I am ready to go for cutting the grass and am holding off on larger projects until the hay is done.

I also want to redo the steel mainline irrigation pipe across the pasture so I am ready to irrigate once I cut and bale the hay.   But this is a hassle as the long ago owners cut one section of steel pipe to be shorter and added a sleeve to join and work with a 90 degree elbow.  Replacing the sleeve and elbow is proving to be tricky.  I see tomorrow if my irrigation guy has - or can make - the parts I need.

In the meantime I mowed the yard.  I got the yard mowed but not the extra areas as the lawnmower - which was acting odd - quit.  Acting odd in that I had to leave the choke on to run the lawnmower. Eventually that work around failed.  I replaced the spark plug and that didn't solve the problem.  Donna had a similar problem.  She said the ethonol in the gas ruined her lawnmower's carburetor.  And the same thing happened to her son-in-law and daughter's lawnmower.  Curtis has also heard of this happening.  Guess I'll have to take my lawnmower in to the shop tomorrow.

While dealing with the lawnmower the cattle started to make a loud ruckus out in the middle pasture.  So much racket I had to walk out there.  I found Beulah and Cow #60 in the south pasture with around eight calves.  The rest of the cows were in the middle pasture along the fence and loudly mooing up a storm.

I went to the gate and the cattle in each pasture did also.  But the cattle in the middle pasture wanted to go into the south pasture much more than the south pasture cattle wanted to go back into the middle pasture.  The middle pasture is full of tall grass.  But you know cattle...

Once Buddy came to, and stood by, the gate I gave up.  It is two days earlier than I had planned to move the cattle into the south pasture but I went ahead and opened the gate and let everyone into the south pasture.  The cattle went crazy with excitement and ran around and around before settling down to eat.

I walked the fence all the way to the river to find where the cattle crossed the fence.  I didn't find any sign of a broken fence.  The river is still high enough that the gravel bars the cattle used in the past to move between pastures are still underwater.  The cattle weren't wet; and even the big cows made it across, I serious doubt the calves could have crossed the water.

So how did the cows and calves get from one pasture to another?  Other than the broken lawnmower this is the most annoying part of all this.

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Extra power pole

When the power company came to replace the power pole out in the pasture I asked them to take out the pole by my tool shed.  This pole held the electric wires that ran between the garage and tool shed and the barn.  When I put those wires underground last year I didn't need the pole anymore.  With the pole gone it is one less thing I have to mow around or have in the way when I shovel snow.

Only Daisy still used the pole.  When she would run around the tool shed often she would run up the power pole three to five feet high then turn around and go back on the ground before running off.  I think she liked to show off in front of me.  it has been a few days now and I still catch Daisy looking at where the pole was when she walks around the tool shed.

The truck just barely fit under the sign I have over my driveway entrance.  The pole is 6 ft in the ground and the truck had absolutely no problem pulling the 30 ft pole out of the ground.

This pole is from 1964.  The power company didn't want it and gave it to me.

It was a little awkward for me to move the pole but I was able to with my tractor.

I don't have a use for the pole right now, but maybe someday I will.