Wednesday, May 04, 2016

Tree stump 4

So far this year I have burnt one tree stump.  I have dug around four tree stumps (including the one I burnt).  Today I finished digging around the fourth stump.  This was the easiest to dig around - if you call digging around tree stumps ever easy.

This stump had a tap root.  The stump didn't have too many side roots.  For the side roots the stump had, after digging around them quite a bit, I was able to put them out of the ground using my tractor, with some roots easier to pull than others.

Today I pulled the final side root and was able to easily pull up the main root.  The side root took much more effort - and extra digging - before I got it out.

No burning of this stump.

With all of the stump out of the ground I used the tractor to push the dirt back in the hole.  This goes much quicker than how I did this in the past - using a shovel.

An earlier side root

Main stump and side root today.

Main root

Last side root - which was hard to pull out of the ground.

Empty hole

Covered hole

The next stump to dig around - stump 5

Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Calf 11 - Panda's

Based on Panda being the first to have sex with Buddy when I released Buddy to be with the cows last June, I expected Panda to be the first cow to have a calf this year.  Instead she was cow number eleven. Even Rose, a first time heifer, gave birth earlier (though not by much).  And Panda gave birth more than three weeks I had expected.  That meant Panda didn't "take" during her first heat cycle.  I guess by the time she and Buddy got it on she was past her fertile stage in that heat cycle.

Anyway... Panda gave birth the same day as Rose did - on Saturday April 23.  Panda appears to have given birth around the time Rose did or shortly after.

Since Panda had trouble giving birth last year I was concerned how it would go for her this year.  She again gave birth to a large calf (a steer) but this year it appears she did not have had any problems giving birth.

Monday, May 02, 2016

#7 in heat

Buddy the bull is locked in part of the corral away from the cows. I don't need any Winter baby calves.

One cow (#7) went into heat this morning.   She stood outside the fence near the water trough and gate and got Buddy's interest.  Buddy already had pushed against the gate and started the posts to lean.  So I added some braces to the posts.  I also added a long board to the gate at the other end.

#7 was in standing heat.  I have some other cows I pre-heat and they got worked up and took turns trying to mount #7.  It was getting to be a circus. #7's legs were starting to wobble when the other cows mounted her. So I put #7 in the loading corral away from everyone else.  The other cows were upset #7 was where there was grass growing and they made lots of noise.

Later when the cows were outside the corral and just #7's calf was in the corral, I closed the corral gate and let #7 out into the main corral.  She ignored her calf and walked right over the fence where Buddy was and then stood outside the fence to get Buddy's attention.  When she didn't get the reaction she wanted she turned and backed up to the fence where Buddy was standing and pressed her private parts against the fence.  She was starting to get Buddy worked up so I had to lock her back into the loading corral for the day until she settled down.  Hussy.

I put #7's calf into the loading corral with her.

At 9 pm when I let #7 and her calf out of the loading corral they went to the water trough and drank.  Then after some pondering, and listening to Buddy's little courting noises, #7 slowly made her way out of the corral and over to the hay.  The other cows left her alone.

Hopefully this won't be the case for all the other cows when they come back into heat.

#7 in the loading corral.

Buddy taking a break from courting and eating his hay.

Sunday, May 01, 2016

Calf 10 - Rose's

The morning of Saturday April 23 Rose had her calf.  She had her calf a little before 9 am when I was leaving to go to a co-op meeting.  This was Rose's first calf, and being her first calf, and Rose being of a small frame I had a concern she would have problems giving birth.  But Rose is Mama's daughter and Mama never had a problem giving birth.

Rose's calf is small, which also helped in giving birth.  The calf is a heifer and looks just like her mother.

When I took the first few photos just after birth Rose was protective of her calf. (Though not nearly as protective as Mama cow).  As seen below she didn't want me near her calf.  But almost four hours later when I took the next photo after this photo I was then able to get close enough to the calf to see that it was a heifer.  Donna could tell the calf was a heifer just by looking at her face.

First bowel movement?

These next photos were taken two days later.

Clyde (born 3 weeks earlier) in the foreground and Rose's heifer in the background.

I haven't settled on a name yet.  But it will be something to do with speed.  Even a week later this calf loves to run.  I seldom see her walk.  Even if it is for only five or six steps she often runs instead of walks.

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Trenching for electric

I am back to burying electric wire.  Friday my neighbor and I rented a trencher and split the cost.  The work went far quicker than we expected (a full day) as we both finished in half a day (4 hours).

While his work went across his driveway and involved lots of rock and gravel, my trench was in the pasture, and other than a couple minor tree roots, the ground was soft and easy to dig.  I finished in less than two hours.

The rental place this year has a new trencher.  The machine has tracks instead of wheels.  Also the controls for forward/reverse and turning was easier as the new machine had a handle instead of a joystick.

Last year's model

I still can't dig a completely straight line.  In my defense one has to dig walking backwards.